Team Durango DEX8 – Fastet kit build ever!

Team Durango DEX8 Buggy

I have built 1/8 buggy kits from Hobao/Ofna and Xray before I picked up this Team Durango DEX8 kit and hence thought this would be a somewhat similar build experience. I could not have been more wrong.

Just the unboxing experience is something different. The box and how it is packaged is the best I’ve tried so far with RC. They have no doubt tried to create an “Apple unboxing” experience and have in my view succeeded.

As for the build most of the parts are assembled in larger chunks. Diffs and shocks are all assembled (you will have to add diff and shock oil to match your preference) and front and rear drivetrain are almost also just a bolt-on. Very nicely thought through.

As for the build quality everything seems to be top notch but I have yet to test it out on the track. So far I have only managed to drive it up and down the street – everything was buttery smooth and only the steering needed to be slightly trimmed.

If I should have to point out something negative it would be the manual that came with the car. There were a few steps where stuff was incorrect – probably they wanted to get the product to market as soon as it left the factory. All it took was to download the latest version and here the issues were corrected.

Now – all I need to do is hit the tracks – Something I look forward to!











My Cellpro PowerLab 8 v2 charger – 2688W powerhouse in a Peli 1560 case

Cellpro Powerlab 8 v2 charger

It’s been eight years now since I bought my first RC car. Since then I have had a ton of cars and planes and I have constantly bought new and better equipment. This however has not been the case with my Cellpro PowerLab 8 v2 charger. Why is that you may ask…?

Well the answer is simple – it is built like a tank, it has been working flawlessly and more importantly, there is yet to be a charger released that outperforms it in power and reliability.

My setup consists of the following:

  • 2 x Cellpro PowerLab 8 v2 chargers – 1344W
  • 2 x Mean Well SE-1500-24 power supplies
  • 1 x Peli Case 1560

So… If you are looking for a killer charger that will refill your batteries faster than any other charger on the market and you want the best-of-the-best then this is the charger for you. I HIGHLY recommend it!




IMG_6849 IMG_6844